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Bucks Party planning tips and things to consider

Bucks Party planning tips

It is all happening! You have met the love of your life, you have proposed and (surprisingly!) she accepted, and wedding bells are not far away now. So your mates are probably already onto your bucks party planning mission, but there are just a few things that you may want to consider and may be checked with your friend.

1. Do you have a green light before Bucks Party Planning?

Bucks Party Planning Ask Your GfIs your partner ok with the bachelor party, and what goes on there? Yes, we are talking about strippers, topless waitresses and lots of drinking. That is the usual party plan for Bucks nights, is it not?!

If your partner is ok with it, she is definitely a keeper and she believes in you and trusts you fully. Amazing, to have such a great partner for life. So then you are in the clear, and your mates can start ringing striptease agencies and booking all the good-looking naked ladies to attend your event. Bucks party planning will be easy for your event, you have a green light.

But if your partner is not a fan of these ideas, maybe you should reconsider having a big and messy bucks party, and cancel those strippers. The last thing you want is to upset, an already stressed bride, and ruin your wedding celebrations.

There are many other ways to have a party with your mates and keep it classy. You can have a golf day our, poker night at home (or Vegas! Boom!), dinner and drinks out on town or maybe a classy wine/ scotch tasting event.

2. Show me the money!

Bucks Night Stripper MoneyMake sure that your party plans are in everyone’s budget, as $500 per person might be ok for some, yet other boys might not be able to afford it and won’t be able to attend your party then. So do make sure all your mates are on the same page when it comes to the party budget.

Of course, after a few drinks, the wallet usually jumps out of the pockets, but you do not want to risk being stuck with a huge bill on your own bucks party. Talk to your mates, and discuss what they think is ok to spend for your “last, big hurray ” party.

So when it comes down to bucks party planning, money is not a small issue, consider it wisely and check with your mates to make sure they are cool with the budget you have in mind.

3. Rest up!

Hangover Bucks Party For goodness sake, dont have your bachelor night a night before your wedding day! We beg of you. Trust us, you will not recover, and you will not have “only one drink” with mates. So rather be safe than sorry and have your party a week or two before the big day. You will be fresh as a cucumber for your wedding day, with great memories (or none!) of your stag night celebrations with your mates.

Congratulations from Glamor Stripper on your upcoming wedding!

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