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About Stripper:

American country girl from the south 🤠. Naomi Melbourne Stripper is very bubbly, energetic, and party starter! She is not only a skilled dancer, but she is also a skilled cocktail barmaid. Yes, she will make you some awesome cocktails while wearing nothing more than earrings. Nude waitressing or topless barmaid – oh, what fun!

Wait, that’s not all. She is also amazing in playing Beer pong and knows how to deal with poker cards for Texas Holdem, like a pro!

Hot Dominatrix Strip Show

Who’s your mamma?! Let’s see whether you are a badass who is able to be part of anything without another thought! You have just came across an activity that is made for hard guys only. If you think you have already seen everything, better consider it again. Naomi uses a combo of latex and sexy moves to take any stag party to a whole new level! This time, you have to obey!

During the dominatrix strip show, you will have a first-hand experience of 1 hot dominatrix stripper. She will perform things that did not even see in Fifty Shades of Grey! If you like to be the submissive one back at home, this will undoubtedly broaden your horizons. Don’t be a pussy and book Naomi right away!

Super Talented Naomi Melbourne Stripper :

  • Beer pong champion for Alpha Sigma Alpha
  • Cocktail bartender- 8 years experience
  • Exceptional poker dealer– 4 years

Hair: Brown
Bust: 12DD
Dress: 8
Height: 180 cm

 Naomi - Bucks & Hens Party hire
 Naomi - Bucks & Hens Party hire

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