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Terms of Engagement

1. Working with Glamor

1.1. Glamor is an intermediary agency that connects the models with the customer.  Glamor does not have any employment or principal and agent relationship with you or the customer.  If you require insurance with respect to your duties, please arrange that independently to Glamor.  You are an independent contractor of Glamor.

1.2. The customer shall be solely responsible and liable for the function and whatever happens in the function.  Glamor has no control over the activities in the function and the manner the function is run.  You expressly release Glamor from any liability in relation to the function and your duties in the function.

1.3. Photos provided to Glamor will be used for website profiles and other social media and advertising as needed.

1.4. If your employment application is successful, your employment and online profile will be active with Glamor for the duration of 6 months minimum.

2. Rules at Functions

2.1. There is a strictly “No Touching Policy”.  This policy means that under no circumstances any person in the function can initiate physical contact with you, harass or intimidate you.

2.2. The customer was advised and agreed that the models are there to perform their duties and no more.  Under no circumstances this engagement is in relation to any sexual activity or erotica.

2.3. You must be paid in full before the start of the function.  If the customer does not pay you in full, you are entitled to walk away from the functions.

2.4. You must not engage privately with the customer or any attendees of the functions.

2.5. The customer is obligated to ensure that you are protected from harm and are treated with respect

2.6. For all venue/ corporate contracts you are required to provide a copy of your RSA in accordance with the Liquor Act 1992. Failure to supply a copy can result in you being asked to leave without pay.

2.7. You must be at the function at least 10 minutes before the designated start time of your duties.  This is in order to enable you to prepare and be ready to commence your duties as undertaken with the customer.

2.8. If the terms of this agreement are breached by the customer or any patron who attended the function, invited or uninvited, you are entitled to terminate your duties and leave the functions immediately.

2.9. You must advise Glamor if you are unable to attend or are running late to a function so we can locate an alternative model.  We will advise you if there is a change to the function.

2.10. If you are running late to a function; you must provide Glamor an estimated time of arrival to the function so that Glamor can advise the customer.

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