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This is one of the most popular strippers in Sydney! Jaxson Sydney Male Stripper is a must have for your next Hens Night or Birthday celebration.

Jaxson has been doing show for over 5 years now, he is experienced and professional dancer and entertainer. He loves fitness and takes great care of him body, to put it simply – he is HOT!  After dancing at variety of parties and doing over 100s on stage shows, he know how to accommodate a routine to any event and make sure your guests are comfortable and enjoying the show.

When you book Jaxson for your Sydney event, you will get Five (5) stars Adult Entertainment experience! He is one of our best male performers and we are proud to have him on our Glamor team. You can book him online at anytime via our Strippers Booking system.

Hair: Brown
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 83 Kg


Fireman, Policeman, School boy, Business Man and Construction Worker.


 Jaxson - Bucks & Hens Party hire
 Jaxson - Bucks & Hens Party hire
 Jaxson - Bucks & Hens Party hire
 Jaxson - Bucks & Hens Party hire

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