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Party Boat Cruises Hire for Bucks and Hens Parties

It is time to celebrate your friend getting married, bucks and hens party planning must begin!  Well, you will be glad to know that you came to the right place – we, at Glamor Entertainment, have a huge number of hens and bucks party boat cruise ideas for you here! After reading this page you will be a pro in organising pre-wedding entertainment which guarantees a successful event, bucks party boat cruises and party boat cruises.

Glamour agency has been planning parties since 2007! We know how to make your party the one to remember. Our friendly staff will provide you with a bunch of ideas for your upcoming event and will do all the work for you as well. Our agency will help you organise everything from confirming the number of guests you expect to attend your event to picking you up after the event and delivering you safely back to your accommodation. Party on the boat is a new way to celebrate your event fun and affordable way.

Sydney Harbour Party Boat Hire for Hens, Bucks & Birthdays Cruises by Glamor Entertainment

Bucks Party Boat Cruises in every city in Australia

Glamor Entertainment organises great party entertainment (and this is our specialty!) strippers, topless waitresses, costume barmaids, bottomless butlers and even fat-o-grams! Just ask us, and we will sort out your cheeky, fun and glamour entertainers for your party.

Our boat hire is Australia-wide now. It does not matter where you planning to have your event, Glamor can help you! Sydney boat cruises start from $140 per person. Melbourne boat cruise very popular cruise in Melbourne, which is only $160 per person.  The best way to celebrate your friend’s bucks party in Gold Coast will be with our Luxury Bucks Party Cruises Gold Coast deal $185 per person. Brisbane and Adelaide stag party boat hire deals are coming soon as well.

Make sure you book your celebration with Glamor if you want smooth sailing and a successful night for your mate’s bachelor night. We will organise it all for you, so you can enjoy the cruise, have a drink and rejoice in the next chapter of your friend’s life.

Hens & Bucks Night Party Boat Hire Locations

Organise your party boat in advance & save!

When you contact our office, we will discuss all the details of your event. Starting from the date and time that you are thinking of having the cruise, and finishing off with what costume you want the stripper to wear for the strip show.

We will throw in a FREE lapdance ( for the groom or you -the organiser) if you are to book your cruise within a few days after initial enquiry. We love people who know what they want and make good and fast decisions. A little treat from us to you!

You will be also selecting waitresses and strippers that you wish to be present at your event. Get your group of friends together and have an evening with a few beers, browsing our Glamor Entertainment website and looking for those lucky waitresses and strippers who get to attend your amazing bachelor’s night cruise.

One of the Bucks party ideas is a truly great way to celebrate with your friends bucks party cruises in Melbourne, and cruise Swan River Bucks party. We also have Hens party cruises in Melbourne.

Great Dancers & Waitresses at the party vessel

We have provided a short list or summary of cruises that we offer. Our agency is an Australia-wide company, so we offer services for adult entertainment and party packages in most cities in Australia. See the list below, and you can also browse our website for more details.

Yes! There will be super sexy and friendly waitresses onboard the cruises and also a stripper. So everyone will be well looked after with drinks and lap dancers.

Glamour cruises are coming soon to the Brisbane area! We will keep you posted.

Join us on board of Glamor Party Boat Cruise

A Party boat cruise is the most affordable and fun way to celebrate a buck party, hen night or birthday party. Let us explain why that is so. Think of how many things you have to think of to organise a group of 20-40 people for an evening out. A list of just a few of them is below:

  • Venue hire. Cost from $300-1000
  • Food / Finger food $15-50 per person
  • Drinks Package $30-70 per person
  • Entertainment $300 or more
  • Finding the right and available venue
  • Dealing with a large group of friends and no set budget!

Glamour bucks party yacht cruises offer you hassle-free party planning. The budget is pre-set per person, the food is included in the price, the venue is included in the price ( best private party boat!), and the all-inclusive drinks package and entertainment. It is all sorted for your event by Glamor Entertainment.

How to make sure Bucks & hens Party Boat cruises fun for all guests

Our successful party formula is simple:  great boat, pretty waitresses onboard, sexy strippers, and drinks flowing! Here at Glamour, we have been organising stag voyages for over 10 years, and we have 100s of returning customers. It must mean that we are doing something right.

Every group, every bucks party is different and unique in its way. Customised boat cruise deals are the way to go: entertainment, food menu and drinks options to suit each party individually. Does your mate prefer to drink spirits instead of beer? This is not a problem! We will make sure to stock up on top-shelf spirits for your cruise.

Custome menu & drinks available for all parties

If one or two of your mates have a food allergy- no worries! Glamour agency will order special meals for your friends, so they don’t have to miss out on dinner during the sail. If you have any other small requests, please call our office and we will be glad to discuss them with you. Prices will not be affected by special requests or small changes to the drinks and food menu, we aim to please and aim to make it an affordable and pleasurable experience. Not a pocket drainer!

We hope you will choose the right party cruise to provide for your event, and we hope it will be us! We are sitting on my phone and waiting for your calls. Book your boat quickly, these cruises are very popular! Check out a few suggestions on the venues here, if you are not a cruise kinda person.

On board Glamor Entertainment Sydney Harbour Bucks party boat cruise.

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