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Hair:  blonde
Height: 165 cm
Dress Size: 8
Bra: DD


Introducing Katie, the dazzling new addition to the Gold Coast’s entertainment scene, recently making her way from New Zealand to join the ranks of Glamor Entertainment. With a year of experience under her belt, Katie brings a captivating aura to every performance and event she’s part of. Having honed her skills at renowned establishments like Covergirls and Flauntit in Auckland, she exudes a level of comfort and confidence that seamlessly translates into her shows and waitressing duties.

Katie’s journey in the industry has taken her to some of New Zealand’s most illustrious clubs, including Auckland’s Calender Girls and Show Girls, as well as The Club in Queenstown. These experiences have shaped her into an artist who not only understands the art of seduction but also knows how to engage and entertain a diverse audience. Her warmth and effervescent personality make her a standout presence at any event, radiating a genuine friendliness that puts everyone at ease. With an unwavering commitment to giving her all, Katie ensures that every performance, from her lively waitressing to her captivating shows, is nothing short of extraordinary. As she takes her talent to the Gold Coast, her presence promises to be a glittering addition to Glamor Entertainment, captivating audiences and leaving a trail of awe in her wake.

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