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Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts – Bucks Party!

Top 5 Do'S And Don'Ts - Bucks Party! |

If you are a groomsman, or male wedding guest, and have been asked to host a bucks party for the groom-to-be, read on! Whether this is your first time hosting one or not, there are some golden rules that should be followed in order to make sure the event goes smoothly. This list highlights some essential tips in order to ensure your night runs smoothly. Dos and Donts Bucks party is a quick and simple article that might help you.

We all know what happens when things go wrong at these parties – they often end up with more than just alcohol flowing freely (which can lead to regrettable decisions). To help ensure that the night ends on a high note we all want it to; here are some dos and don’ts of hosting a successful buck’s.

The Dos

No women

Keep women out of it; they are not part of a bucks party. The occasion is about having a blast with your mates, and that means removing the ladies from the equation.

Give the groom extra clothing

You never know how wild and unexpected things can turn out with bucks parties. The groom might end up naked with an inflatable ring on his waist and covered in makeup or paint. Therefore, you should be ready for whatever happens.

Cover the bill

As the best man, it is best to take care of the groom. He probably has holes in his pockets after paying the wedding expenses. As such, you and the groom’s men paying for the party can be a nice gesture. Footing the bill for the party expenses can be a way of showing your gratitude to him for considering asking you to be part of his special ceremony.

Rest up

It is hard not to have a fun, wild time at bucks parties, and this can do a number on you. Binge drinking and other wild activities can take their toll. Therefore, it is wise to have someone that will ensure everyone stops and gets enough rest to avoid waking up feeling spent the next day.

Plan activities

Although your body and mind will not feel up to it after all the drinking, it is a fantastic way of bonding with your mates. So, consider including some wacky activities into the mix instead of spending much of your time drinking alcohol. For best man and Melbourne mechanic, Stef Milonas, booked an overnight stay on Phillip Island and kept guests entertained during the day with a hot lap with a professional driver around the racing track.

Top 5 Do'S And Don'Ts - Bucks Party! |

The Don’ts

Plan it the night before the wedding

Since you have known for months that your buddy is getting married, why make the bucks party a last-minute event? It is best to plan in advance to avoid having him messed up on his wedding day. At the best man and with the lads, the groom’s fiancé expects you to take care of her man.

Sam who works in the wedding entertainment industry has some horror stories that have resulted from Bucks parties held less than 24 hours from the wedding, “hangovers, shaved heads and broken limbs just to name a few,” he says, “it’s also the drama caused by bad decisions the night before that end up putting a damper on the big day.”

Make it expensive

Unless you and the mates are in the same age group, it is best to consider the range of ages when planning a bucks party. Moreover, not all the guys are up for spending much on having a wild time. Some have kids and other things to consider. Therefore, first, run your lavish prospects for the party by them to see if they are on board. While hot laps on Phillip Island can be fun, the guests are more likely to remember dancing on the bar or just being overall menaces to society. Sydney Removalist, Blake splurged on the bar tab and food and kept all the extras to a minimum, he recommends “investing in food and drinks and encouraging guests to bring a drinking game idea or sport to keep the night from dying too early.”

Top 5 Do'S And Don'Ts - Bucks Party! |

Mix up the invites

Ensure the groom is abreast with who is invited before deciding to include that cousin from the fiancé’s side he cannot stand.

Take photos

A bucks party is often a no holds barred occasion mostly involving lads that want a good time. So, why take pictures of what happens! They potentially can be images that will ruin your mate’s marriage. Therefore, let all that you guys do stay between you as mates. If it can’t be seen, it never happened.

Lose the groom

Never take your eye off the groom at all times, even as you have your share of a good time. Your primary responsibility as the host or best man is to ensure the groom is safe and enjoy the part within some limits.

Again, respect everyone’s wildness when at the bucks party. Let all that takes place be a secret shared between you, the groom, and the mates

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